Five Myths Janitorial Cleaning Services Often Need to Debunk

Not every story you hear is true, whether that is in a personal or business setting. Entrepreneurs often fight against myths. For some reason, lies and misconceptions keep popping up. They create a lot of confusion. The best way to determine the qualifications of a janitorial service provider when you need a cleaning crew is to explore the company’s website. A great example is, because this venture offers a wealth of information about their services, history, and other details potential customers may be interested in. Do not be fooled by myths. Here are 5 issues you should investigate more.

1. All Residential and Business Cleaning Companies Are Alike

This is absurd, because no 2 companies are the same, no matter which kind of services they provide. Each entity sets its own goals and objectives. Some provide a wide range of services while others just focus on basic cleaning. Crews vary in size. They determine which cleaning products are most efficient.

2. Everybody Can Clean Like a Pro

There are major differences between maintaining your own house and making sure that commercial buildings are in excellent shape. Professionals have to maintain a high standard to be one step ahead of the competition. The cleaners have to be discrete, and not mention anything they see and hear to others. Commercial cleaning products are more expensive than household cleaners because they are stronger. That concept is also applied to cleaning tools. Professional vacuum cleaners are much more powerful than household devices.

3. Everyone Charges the Same Price

Just ask a few local cleaning teams for a quote if you want to find out if this statement is true. There are differences like in all industries. Inquire which services are included in your quote. They should be explained in detail. Ask for references. Talk to these customers to establish the quality level of the work.

4. New Companies Are Better

Newcomers to an industry are eager to prove themselves. That is good. On the other hand, cleaners who have been around for a long time have proven to be reliable and helpful. They offer quality janitorial services, and will be around for many more years.

5. All Cleaning Companies Are Bonded and Insured

Companies have to protect their business secrets and their customers’ private information. Hiring the first crew you can find may be a big mistake. Can they be trusted? Explore those entities you are considering. Take a look on their website. For instance, when you explore, you will realize that this janitorial service provider has all the right credentials. Check out all your candidates online before making a hiring move.

What You Should Know about Dryer Repair

Dryers and other household appliances generally work fine without getting any attention from you. However, nothing lasts forever, and one day, your dryer may stop working. Before you call an expert in dryer repair in Atlanta, you can check a few things yourself to see if you can get it to do its job.

Check for Electricity

You know that your dryer needs electricity. But it’s quite possible that it’s not getting any. For example, your breaker may have tripped. In that case, your dryer won’t be the only appliance that’s not working. It’s also possible that the power cable became unplugged. You can unplug it and plug it back in to see if that works. Finally, the power cable itself might be frayed, which would require getting a replacement cable.

Check for Lint

Every dryer has a place for lint to go. It could be underneath your dryer or it could be on top. In fact, if you want your dryer to function well for a long time, you should empty the lint every time you put in a new load. It’s not difficult to do. You could even put a small trash can in your laundry room to help you remember.

Check the Vent Hose

If your dryer is plugged in and your lint filter is empty, then you can check the hose next. Behind your dryer, there is a hose that goes into the wall. It’s also attached to your dryer. Sometimes, this hose can get disconnected or clogged up. However, you should be aware that moving the dryer and getting behind it can be tricky because dryers are usually in a very confined space.

Call the Expert

You have done everything you can do to get your dryer to work again. Unfortunately, you can’t bribe appliances into behaving properly. Therefore, now is the time to call in an expert. Your expert on dryer repair in Atlanta won’t mind coming out to your home. Whether your dryer is not starting at all or not working as well as it should, an appliance repair expert can diagnose the problem correctly. Before any work gets done, he will estimate the repair costs for you.

Deciding Whether to Throw It Out or Patch It Up

Your old refrigerator is acting up again, and you are stuck between that rock and a hard place of trying to decide whether to call your trusted man who specializes in appliance repair in Gwinnett, or just throw in the towel and go buy a new one. Knowing whether you should get your major appliance repaired or buy a new one is a problem that many homeowners wrestle with. This article will help you to determine whether or not you should repair your appliance or start shopping for a new one. 

Determining Factors

Most major appliances last between 10 and 15 years. Before you call a repairman you should thoroughly examine the appliance to see if you can detect the source of the problem. The Internet is a valuable resource when trying to figure out what is wrong with your major appliance. There are many websites that offer a pretty comprehensive list for each make and model of appliances found in the common American household. These sites can help you check the basics and determine what part of your appliance has failed. They may even help you be able to determine whether or not your appliance is still under warranty. Some appliances such as deep freezers often have a general warranty, but then certain parts and components of the freezer will have a warrantee far past the expiration date of the general warranty.

Making the Call

If you can determine the cause of the problem on your major appliance, you will probably be able to get an estimate over the phone when you call your repairman. This will help you be able to determine whether you want to spend the money on the repair, or purchase a new appliance. If your dishwasher needs a 100 dollar part to get it up and running again and you can purchase a new dishwasher for somewhere between 500 and 600 dollars, and your dishwasher is eight years old or older, you will probably be better off buying a new dishwasher. It is always a good idea to have your repairman look at your appliance. If he is someone who knows his stuff and is trustworthy, he will be able to help you determine whether to spend the money on the repair or put it toward a new dishwasher. The repairman is dependent upon referrals and return business, so customer service is very high on their list of priorities. Your repairman will want to make sure that you are thoroughly satisfied with their service as well as their advice. 

Kiss It Goodbye

If the cause of your problem is something major such as the compressor in your refrigerator or the bearing in your front load washing machine, you can just plan on kissing the appliance goodbye unless it is still covered under a warranty. If your appliance is still under warranty, you can void that warranty if you attempt to do any repairs on your own. Call the authorized dealer and find out which appliance repair services you can call. Make sure you ask about having it repaired by a repairman whom you are familiar with. Oftentimes the answer will be no, but it never hurts to ask. 

Making a Decision

Buying new or fixing the old is always a tough decision to make. When attempting to make the decision always factor in the age of the appliance, the cost of having it repaired, and be sure to find out the status of the warranty if any. Do a thorough check up on your appliance with the information that you can gain from the Internet before you call your repairman who specializes in appliance repair in Gwinnett.

For the Safe, Efficient Removal of Bees

Honey is one of the nicest things in the world. It goes great on toast or in a cup of tea. But, the bees who make the honey aren’t always so nice – especially when they’re trying to build a hive in your home. No matter how you feel about bees – whether you fear them or you respect their contribution to the world’s ecological cycle – you don’t want to tackle the task of bee removal all by yourself. Professionals like Willie The Beeman can be very helpful for those situations when you have an unwanted swarm on your property. Bee experts can safely remove all traces of the hive without doing damage to your home or doing damage to the bees themselves. 




The removal of a beehive from your property is about not only ridding your home of these insects, but also making sure that the bees never end up coming back. Hence, you want to ensure that any steps you take to remove bees from your property are effective ones. For starters, make sure to stay calm and not panic. If you’re like most people, bees probably freak you out a little bit. You’ve probably had some pretty nightmarish encounters with a singular bee that was trapped in your car. That was just one bee. Facing down an entire swarm of them won’t exactly be a pleasant experience. However, the less you panic, the less likely you are to make a mistake in the removal process, thus avoiding a host of nasty stings. Also, if you encounter a swarm on your property, but have not found evidence of a hive, you might not have to do anything but wait. Often, bees will hang out on your property for 1-3 days, but ultimately decide that they’re looking for something else and leave of their own accord. However, if it’s been than 3 days and they’re still hanging around, start taking steps to remove them – they could already have begun construction on a hive. Once you’ve figured out where the hive is, try to get a closer look during the evening or in the early hours of the morning. Bees are much more sluggish and therefore much less dangerous during these times when temperatures are colder. If you discover that the bees have only been able to construct a wax glob, there’s still time to get a local beekeeper out to your home. Dressed in protective gear, the beekeeper will shake the glob of bees into a box, being careful to trap the queen. Wherever the queen goes, the rest of the bees are sure to follow. 


Professional Help


If bees have managed to build an actual wax hive in the walls of your home or in your attic, you’re going to need the services of a professional, such as Willie The Beeman. Simple spraying the bees down with poison will not be enough to tackle the problem. You will still have a hive full of dead bees that you have to remove, and, since bees make honey, you can have up to fifteen pounds of honey just laying undefended in a small crevice or cranny in your home which you cannot access, but local varmints can. Bee experts are capable of gracefully removing the bees, the hive, and all of the honey to a safe location where the bees can thrive and where you and your family will not be bothered. 

Protect Your Home or Business against Pests

Many buildings around the country are infested by insects and other pests. These bugs aren’t just annoying, they can be dangerous—both to your building and the people inside it. Many insects carry disease, while others eat away at the structure of your building and can weaken the walls or foundation. Take steps to prevent insects from gaining access to your building now, since it’s much easier to prevent an infestation than it is to remove it. Websites like offer professional pest control services that can help protect your building. You should also know what signs to look for so you can recognize an infestation right away, and get the help you need to get rid of it.


Eliminate Food and Water Sources


Most insect infestations occur in buildings that have enough food and water sources to sustain hundreds of thousands of insects. If your building is prone to flooding or if you have leaky pipes, you’re only encouraging insects to move in. Rooms that are constantly damp or humid, such as basements or bathrooms, are also good sources of water that insects will take advantage of. Food sources can be more difficult to eliminate, since insects and other pests have a wide range of diets. Insects like termites eat the very structure of your building. Others, like bed bugs and fleas, feast on human blood. However, you can still reduce the likelihood of an infestation by keeping your building as clean as possible. Don’t leave food or garbage sitting out where it can attract insects. To eliminate parasites that feed on blood, check yourself and your pets when you come inside from a walk or a vacation to make sure you haven’t picked up any unwelcome hitchhikers.


Add Barriers around Your Building


In addition to eliminating insects’ food and water sources, you can also add physical or chemical barriers around your building to make it more difficult for insects to enter. Websites like describe chemical barriers used by exterminators, which are often extremely effective at repelling insects from the soil around your building. Installing barriers also means checking your building for cracks and other openings that insects might be using to sneak inside. In some cases, a barrier might actually be nothing at all. Many homes are surrounded by vegetation or dead wood that are literally crawling with insects. Eliminating these hiding places creates a bug-free “no man’s land” around your building, so insects will be less likely to find their way into your home or office.

Why You Should Sell Your Gold Today

Did you know that now is the best time to buy and sell your gold? You might have heard that a place like the Sam Light Loan Company buys gold, but you might have figured selling your gold is a joke. After all, gold is a commodity and resource that is subject to market fluctuations just like every valuable good, right? That’s true, gold is a part of the global economy, and as such, is subject to fluctuations in price and availability. But gold is also unique when compared to any other commodity. Want to know a few reasons why now is a great time to sell your gold? Here’s a quick introduction to selling gold.

True Value

Can you name any stock, commodity, bond, or good that has been valuable for more than 1,000 years? Think about all the things you trade daily (and if you don’t trade, that others trade). Oil, real estate, technology, and even vehicles are all part of the global economy. But those things have only been a part of the economy for a few hundred years at most (real estate has obviously been around for thousands of years, but the modern concept of investing in it is relatively new).

Gold, on the other hand, has been highly valuable for thousands of years. Since humans could forge crude tools, they were mining gold and using it to adorn themselves and their buildings. So what does that mean for your old gold jewelry, coins, watches, or even bullion? It means that gold has been valuable for thousands of years and will not suddenly become worthless. It’s one investment you know will always be valuable. And because of that, you can bet that any time you want to sell it, it will be valuable. You can’t say that about anything else, can you?

The amount of gold in the world is finite. Once it is all mined, collected, and used, there won’t be any more. While that day is still a long way off, it’s the principal that matters. Gold is only going to become more valuable. The less there is, the more valuable it becomes. And every day there is a little bit less to be found. So what does that mean? It means that, aside from a few subtle fluctuations, gold is going to steadily increase in value every day, every week, every month, and every year. What other investment can promise you that?

Gold has inherent value. It is used in manufacturing processes just as often as it is used in jewelry and ornamentation. That means that, even if tastes and trends change, it’s still going to be useful. You can’t say that about most of today’s investments, can you?

If you want to make a bit of money, the Sam Light Loan Company buys gold. No matter when you sell your gold (today, tomorrow, or in 20 years), you can know that you will be getting the best possible price for your goods. And what other investment can promise you that?

What to Look for in Security Guard Companies

It is a sad truth that businesses are having to focus more time and money towards their protection these days. While a philosophical debate about the reasons behind this need can be entertaining and depressing, what needs to really be discussed by most businesses is how to best meet those needs. When you are part of the decision of which security guard companies in Washington, DC to hire, it can be hard to know which ones to trust. You need to look for companies that offer good communication, and that have a good track record of keeping their clients safe under harsh circumstances. These two things should help you to feel more secure in your surroundings.

Good Communication

When you hire a service like this, you want to know what is happening with them. Your search should include inquiries into what kind of communication mediums they use to keep in touch with their clients. They should be easy to reach and eager to share with you all the goings on during their hours on watch. If you feel comfortable with their methods, then it will be a lot easier to work with them. Hiring something like this requires you to put a lot of trust in these people and to become very vulnerable where their duties are concerned. This earns you the right to know that they will communicate openly with you.

Successful Track Record

Before hiring someone to fulfill these needs, you need to take some time to review their past record. Find out what kinds of businesses they have been hired to protect, and how things went down under certain kinds of danger. This can give you a very good idea of how they would handle those situations in your business. When you find security guard companies in Washington, DC with these two qualities, then it will be a lot easier for you to trust that everything will go well on their watch. Trust is not always easily come by these days, and that is not always a bad thing. You need to know you can trust the people you put into these positions.

The Job of a Security Guard

If you think about it, regardless of where a company is located around the world, they will need to have some sort of security system on the property. While alarms and video cameras are one way of keeping the property secure, each company will most likely have security personnel on the property at all times. If you are considering working for a security agency in Miami, then you will have many options for you to choose from when it comes to where you want to work. However, just like you should do with any career that you are considering, researching a bit about what you would be doing on a daily basis is a very good idea. You shouldn’t go into any program or study for a specific job without first finding out all that you can about it. Remember, you wouldn’t want to get to your first day on the job and realize that you don’t want to be a security guard after all.

Some people think that the job of a security officer is actually a very boring one. They think that a security guard just walks around the property and observes people as they go in and out. While this may be true for certain locations, there are many other important details about the job. Many people overlook the fact that just having a person on the property taking care of the security makes a huge difference in the amount of crime that occurs. Even though the security guard isn’t always doing fancy and complicated things doesn’t mean that the job is worthless and unnecessary.

A security guard is vital to a business in preventing and deterring any crime from happening. Having a place of business that is safe and secure, where both employees and clients can feel safe and taken care of, will create an even better business. The employees shouldn’t feel scared about going to work, and clients should be worried about themselves and their belongings when they go to visit. Creating a safe work environment for all involved is a big component of a successful company.

So, what makes a good security guard? A security guard needs to be have a sharp eye for detail, be very observant, and very good interpersonal communication skills. Patience is also a trait that every security guard needs to be successful. Working with any security agency in Miami will show you that there will always be tasks that are quite tedious and require a lot of patience from the security guard. When a company uses video cameras and other electronic equipment, it is important that the security guard be knowledgeable in regards to keeping the system operating smoothly and efficiently. In the event of an emergency, the security guard will need quick reflexes and be able to make good decisions during a difficult time. The safety and security of everyone involved depends on the security guard and his or her ability to take care of others.

How to Get Your Home Ready for the Winter Weather

You are going to need a lot more than just a duct cleaning from Ductz of Louisiana to get your home ready for the approaching winter weather. Your house is composed of a variety of different systems that can all malfunction when they come under the influence of extreme cold. Luckily, there are some things you can do to prevent a complete meltdown at your home. Here are three easy steps to apply and useful tips for getting your home ready for colder temperatures.


Your not the only one that needs some insulation when the cold weather hits. Just like we wear warm clothes to protect ourselves from freezing, the pipes that run throughout your home might also need a bit of protection. If you have water pipes that are running through your walls or in your garage, it is very possible that they might freeze during extreme cold. Thus, make sure that you keep your heat on in the home and also place insulation on any pipes that might be exposed to the cold.

Seal the Cracks

You would be surprised by the number of tiny cracks that you find around your home. No matter whether they are around your doors or under your windows, these imperceptible cracks can end up costing you a fortune when it comes to heating your home. Thus, before cold weather hits, walk around your home and seal all of the areas where cracks or openings might exist. With just a bit of money and time, you will be able to possibly save hundreds of dollars this winter season with this little trick.

Clean the Ducts

More than likely, your furnace is going to be working overtime over the winter months, which will make it important that you call a duct repair company like Ductz of Louisiana. A duct repair company will first be able to fully clean this area of your home, making it so that dust and other particles are not pumped out into the air that fills your home. They will also be able to fix any cracks or openings that might be causing you to lose your warm air, which will only cost you more money when the bills come in.

It’s Time to Throw Out the Old Carpet

Carpet has found a home in modern structures for centuries. It’s something that brings a sense of comfort to a home or building. Not only do carpets and rugs beautify the rooms in which they are located, but also provide a sense of sophistication. For thousands of years, silk was sold primarily in the orient. Silk, a mucous like substance produced by special worms, was used to craft tapestries and other fine linens including rugs and carpets. Today, expensive rugs are still traded and sold around the world amongst enthusiasts. While you might not have millions of dollars to spend on single rugs, the carpet in your home is still an essential part of everyday life. Stores who sell new carpet, or a flooring store in Bel Air, MD, can both provide high-quality options.


Carpet Cleaning


Carpet can lend a cozy feeling to any home or business, but it must be cleaned at regular intervals. The nature of carpet fiber is fascinating. Under a microscope, these fibers appear to be gigantic, treelike structures made up of billions of microscopic threads. Unfortunately, these threads capture all the dirt, slime, mold, and dead skin floating in the air. It sounds disgusting, but it’s true. Regular cleaning prevents your carpet from retaining these foul substances, and ensures that your experience with the material remains pleasant.


Wood Flooring


If you’re not a carpet person, there are several carpet alternatives for your floors. Wood flooring can lend an air of sophistication to your home or office. Other options include linoleum and ceramic tile. No matter what your preference for flooring may be, providers such as a flooring store in Bel Air, MD, are available to help you make the best possible choice when it comes to beautifying your home or business. No matter what you choose to put on your floor, you’ll be happy to know that there are people who can help you through the process.